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Research Profiles

05 Mircea Epure, professor in the Department of Economics and Business at UPF

January 2015

Mircea Epure


Assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), and affiliated professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and the Barcelona School of Management. He has a PhD in Business Economics and Administration from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2010). Prior to joining UPF, he was a visiting lecturer at Växjö University in Sweden and the IESEG School of Management in France. He has also taught at Toulouse Business School.

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His research focuses on the areas of management and accounting in economic organisations. He is particularly interested in firm governance and performance, and related issues in business administration and managerial economics. He frequently adopts a management accounting perspective to study strategic decision-making, strategic groups or entrepreneurship in regional contexts.

Currently, he is working on (1) the corporate governance determinants of corporate social performance, (2) how corporate social performance measures can be employed as signals by auditing firms, (3) scrutinizing the characteristics and performance of start-ups, and (4) benchmarking approaches to management control. He mostly employs quantitative econometric approaches that aim to achieve useful generalizations for the (research) community. Perhaps more important for broader society, his work can help policy makers and regulators in their quest to develop new business models.

Several of his articles have been published in leading journals such as Regional Studies, European Journal of Operational Research, Omega, Journal of Productivity Analysis and Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. Moreover, he regularly  acts as an adhoc reviewer for international journals in his field. His works in progress have regularly been presented at internationally-renowned conferences and workshops including the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, the Strategic Management Society Conference, the North American Productivity Workshop, the Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association and the European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis.

In parallel with his research activities, he has taught courses in Business Economics, Economic Organizations and Markets, and Management Accounting. As a part of his teaching work, he has also co-authored a series of applied business cases that were published in a textbook.

Journal Publications
Epure, M., and E. Lafuente. 2014. Monitoring Bank Performance in the Presence of Risk. Journal of Productivity Analysis, forthcoming. Publisher SSRN

Epure, M., D. Prior., and C. Serarols. 2014. Assessing Technology-based Spin-offs from University Support Units. Regional Studies, forthcoming. Publisher SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Technology-Based Total Factor Productivity and Benchmarking: New Proposals and an Application.  Omega – The International Journal of Management Science 39(6), 608–619. Publisher SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Bank Productivity and Performance Groups: A Decomposition Approach Based upon the Luenberger Productivity Indicator. European Journal of Operational Research 211(3), 630–641. Publisher SSRN

Johannisson, B., Centeno Caffarena, L., Discua Cruz, A.F., Epure. M., Hormiga Pérez, E., Kapelko, M., Murdock, K., Nanka-Bruce, D., Olejárová M., Sanchez Lopez, A., Sekki, A., Stoian, M.C., Tötterman H., and Bisignano, A. 2007. Interstanding the Industrial District: Contrasting Conceptual Images as a Road to Insight. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 19(6), 527–554. Publisher 

Working Papers and Researchi in Progress (seletion)
“Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance”, with Desender, K. Barcelona GSE WP
“Benchmarking for Routines and Organizational Knowledge”, Barcelona GSE WP
“Corporate Social Performance and External Audit Fees”, with Desender, K. and Lopezpuertas-Lamy, M.
“Attracting Early Stage Investors: Is Debt a Deterrent or an Incentive?”, with Guasch, M.
“Predicting Outcomes of Soccer Knock-out Ties: Evidence from the UEFA Cup Competition”, with Desender, K.


Mircea Epure

Mircea Epure

Professor in the Department of Economics and Business
Pompeu Fabra University

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